Fun with Sloths 7/25/21

Robbie’s sloths received a lot of love when my great nieces visited. Every sloth got carried around, danced with, arranged for pictures, and hugged! It was so cute to see and I am sure Robbie would have enjoyed watching them too.

Guilt and Grief 7/12/21

As I go through the grief training, the latest video is on grief and guilt. The major point that I took away from the training is that we can’t take our “current knowledge” back and make ourselves feel guilty for something we didn’t know at the time. I like this idea because it goes along…

The Lincoln Cottage “Grief Exhibit” 7/10/21

I had the opportunity to “virtually” visit the Lincoln Cottage Museum in Washington DC on Zoom with the virtual grief group. The curator told us the story of Mary Todd Lincoln, all the grief she faced, and how she was judged harshly by society. In many ways, her unusual behavior could be explained by extreme…

What ifs/If only 7/4/21

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I joined an online training and grief support group called, Tender Hearts, run by grief author and expert, David Kessler. I wasn’t sure what to expect or if I would stay beyond the 1st month. It has been extremely helpful. Grieving yes and I probably always will, but…

Sarcoma Awareness Month 7/3/21

July is Sarcoma Awareness Month. Robbie had osteosarcoma. I had never heard of sarcoma cancer before Robbie got sick. When he complained of his leg hurting, I assumed he had growing pains, or had pulled a muscle. He hadn’t recently fallen or injured, so I was at a loss of what was causing his pain….