Lynn & Robbie 6 years ago today 5/20/21

Lynn and Robbie at Brazos State Park 5/20/16

In this picture, Robbie was still recovering from his leg surgery and needed a wheelchair or walker to get around. He was so weak from a year of treatments that most of the time we were using his wheelchair at that point. He also had another leg surgery to try to straighten out his leg. It was stuck in a bent position. We were in Houston a couple more months before going back to Oklahoma for a few months. He was “for awhile” cancer free and we really hoped and prayed that he would be one of the few lucky ones that would live through bone cancer.

I love looking at his pictures everyday. I like to look back to see what we were doing on the same day. When I was seeing a therapist, she couldn’t understand why I like to look his pictures so much and acted like it was causing more harm than good. She hasn’t lost a child or anyone close to her, so she is clueless about grief. In fact, I ended up giving her more therapy than I was getting, so I left her a year ago. We all know what is best for what we need and I need to see Robbie everyday. ❤

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