Last Pictures 2/11/21

Lynn, Robbie, and Ruth 2/10/19. Last picture of the three of them together ❤️
2/10/19. Robbie

Last day of hearing his voice and talking coherently with him. We did talk in the night, but he was in pain, on morphine, and when he spoke it was from discomfort, pain, and some confusion.

The only sweet thing when we arrived in his new room in palliative care, was when a couple of the Drs that worked in the hospital sarcoma floor with Robbie stopped by to check on him. He smiled and thanked them for the upgraded room. He didn’t realize he had been moved away form the sarcoma unit, so we decided not to tell him. They were known to move him to better rooms or to the floor they were working on, because they loved him. He thought it was funny, when they would tell him the excuses they made for each move. Last real smile from Robbie. ❤️

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