More Baby Ducks 2/22/21

It is almost 70 degrees warmer than last Monday, when we were freezing without power. A mother duck and her babies walked up to our house today. The babies are so tiny and cute.

COVID Shot 2/21/21

I was lucky enough to get the 1st COVID shot yesterday and my husband got his shot last week. With my husband having cancer, we have really worried about all the exposure I’ve had to COVID where I teach. One step closer to having more freedom. I feel like the entire country has been under…

Freezing in Texas 2/18/21

Record lows and power outages in Texas. We lost power and water on Monday at 2AM. We went without power for 40 hrs and currently it comes and goes. During the 40 hrs, we used blankets, hats, coats, and mittens to stay warm, but we were still very very cold. I have never been so…

My Mother and Robbie 2/14/21

My mother passed away 6 years ago today. I picture her and Robbie together in Heaven. Robbie was worried about dying before us and I reassured him that Grandma and Grandpa would be waiting for him and be with him until we come. She had a very strong faith and looked forward to going to…

Visiting Robbie’s Favorite Places 2/12/21

We started the day at the Kolache Shoppe in Houston. I used to take Robbie there before treatments. He didn’t eat much, so when I found something he liked, I made sure to take him. Then we met my sister from Wisconsin and her son & family that live near us at the Houston Zoo….

2 Years 2/12/21

2 years have past, but my heart feels like it just happened today. It is unseasonably cold in Houston today, but we plan to bundle up and go to some of Robbie’s favorite places in his memory. Here is a video that I posted for his birthday last June. Memories of Robbie over the years….

Last Pictures 2/11/21

Last day of hearing his voice and talking coherently with him. We did talk in the night, but he was in pain, on morphine, and when he spoke it was from discomfort, pain, and some confusion. The only sweet thing when we arrived in his new room in palliative care, was when a couple of…

Robbie age 2 2/10/21

Robbie age 2. June 1995. Looking at his pictures today and stayed home from work. Miss him so much! ❤

Final days 2/9/21

On 2/9/19, we took Robbie to the ER at MD Anderson and he was admitted. Although they told us he probably had only weeks or days left. It ended up being only three more days. When this picture popped up on my Google memories today, I wasn’t sure I could last all day teaching, I…

Three years ago today 2/8/21

Robbie three years ago today at the Science museum in Houston by the penguin exhibit. Two years ago today was his last day at our house. He went to the hospital the next day. So many memories. ❤️