Costa Rica 2018 1/19/21

3 years ago, we took an amazing trip to Costa Rica with the help of family, friends, and even strangers, so Robbie could visit the Sloth Sanctuary. In the middle of treatments and while still recovering from his latest surgery, we had a fabulous experience with our children. The pure joy on Robbie’s face and on the faces of our other children is something I will never forget. ❤

Our daughter Ruth did the planning for us, while making sure we could cancel if needed. After everything was planned, Robbie ended up needing lung surgery mid December and there was some question if he would be able to travel. We didn’t get permission to take Robbie out of the country until the week before we left.

The scenery, hotels, ocean, sloths…. we loved it all! The Sloth Sanctuary was the highlight of the trip. The owner spent the day with us. After the general tour was done, she took us through her living area to the Sloth Nursery, where someone cares around the clock for abandoned or injured baby sloths. The goal is to return them to the wild, when they are able to be on their own. They let us stay for a couple hours in the sloth nursery. The baby sloths were all cuddling stuffed animals, eating leaves, or sleeping. A caregiver was feeding them milk with a bottle shaped like a large eye dropper. Robbie spent a lot of time sitting by the tubs of baby sloths and taking pictures. Seeing him so happy and relaxed was worth the trip! The sloth sanctuary also donated a large bag of purple sloths for us to give to the other children at MD Anderson. They gave Robbie sloth shirts and stuffed sloths, which he loved.

I can’t thank everyone enough that helped to make this trip possible for Robbie and our family. A lifetime of memories were made. I look forward to visiting again sometime, but it will never be the same without Robbie with us. He talked about the trip the rest of his life. He enjoyed the adventure of traveling, the sloths, photography, being with his sisters, and away from everything medical. ❤

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