New Years Eve over the Years 12/31/20

We have spent many holidays at MD Anderson with Robbie. In 2017, Robbie was receiving chemo. He rarely complained and the nurses really enjoyed the sloths that he would bring with him.

Grief Poem 12/28/20

This poem was posted on Facebook today and I thought I would share it, because it is so true. ❤️ My Mom is a Survivor My Mom is a survivor,or so I’ve heard it said.But I can hear her crying at night,when all others are in bed. I watch her lay awake at night,and go…

Happy Holidays From our Family 12/20/20

Happy Holidays from our family. We appreciate the continued support from our friends and family. We want to wish you peace and good health this holiday season. ❤️

Robbie at MD Anderson 12/17/20

I love this picture of Robbie at MD Anderson with one of his favorite stuffed sloths. More bad news on his lungs. A few days later, he was in the hospital again. He looked so good, yet he only had less than 2 months left. So many more things I wanted to tell him. There…

Last trip to see Curly the Sloth 12/4/20

2 years ago we took Robbie for the last time to see Curly the sloth at the Houston Zoo. Robbie was so tired and weak, we only stayed for a short time and then he fell asleep in the car all the way home. I miss him so much. ❤️