Grief Eating 11/1/20

Homemade sugar free Strawberry Jam

Grief and eating comfort food is one way I have been coping. I have made many attempts at changing my habits, only to go back to grief and comfort food. My latest attempt at healthy food has lasted a month, so I thought it was safe to post that I am trying again. Sometimes I have only lasted a couple days. Who knows how long I will last this time. I get depressed and then I give up.

This time I have started using the instant pot, which makes the food quickly, which is great when I get home from work and need to make supper for us. I rarely cooked after losing Robbie. I ate a lot of oatmeal or cereal for supper. I really didn’t care. This weekend, I made homemade strawberry jam, applesauce (which I accidentally spilled all over the floor), chicken, hard boiled eggs, and sweet potatoes. My goal is to reduce our carbs and sugar, by making more of our food from scratch. I can only eat so many salads, before I cave and go for other foods.

Robbie would have enjoyed this. He watched a lot of Cut Throat Kitchen during the first year of chemo and I know he would be laughing at some of my attempts even without being sabotaged like the TV show.

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