Robbie & Sloths 9/28/20

Robbie 2 years ago today after being in the hospital for a week for harsh chemo treatments. He looks so weak on this picture. Some memories are wonderful and others like this picture make me so sad, that he had to endure so much. I miss him everyday. He is holding certificates and a couple…

Yellow Sloth at the Zoo 9/20/20

Robbie visiting Curly with one of his favorite sloths. I don’t remember who gave him this sloth, but he loved it and I still keep it in my office. On this day, he was waiting for his room to be ready at the hospital. We had such a wonderful day together. ❤️

Fall Grief 9/19/20

We knew by fall 2018 that we were losing ground in his battle against cancer. Fluid was building up in his lungs, making his breathing more difficult. Fall brings up all those emotions again.

Robbie in 2017. 9/17/20

Robbie three years ago today. Missing our sweet boy! I have been dreaming about him all week. This was one of his favorite zoo shirts. I put it along with a few other things that he liked into a shadow box.

19 Months 9/12/20

It is hard to believe that it has been 19 months. In some ways it seems like yesterday that we lost him and other days it seems forever ago. In this picture, Robbie is watching Wheel of Fortune. At the time, Robbie was extremely fussy and cried a lot, except during Wheel of Fortune. I…

September 11, 2020

Here is a picture of Robbie from three years ago. I am thankful for all the pictures I took while he was sick. I look at his pictures everyday. It was another hectic week of teaching kids both virtually and in person. I have really sweet students. It is challenging to try to meet all…