Discover Magazine Article “The Mourning Mind” 8/3/20

There is an interesting article in the September issue of the Discover magazine. “ Scientists are increasingly viewing the experience of traumatic loss as a type of brain injury”… “The emotional trauma of loss results in serious changes in brain function that endure.”

This is so interesting, because I have often felt I was in a fog off and on since losing Robbie and struggled at times to remember information that should have been easy to recall. I have also felt like I am in a fight or flight situation, when I am not and have frequently overreacted to people around me. My mind not only struggles from the trauma of his loss, but from all the memories of his pain and treatments.

The article goes on to say that the brain pathways take some temporary detours and shifts upside down, by prioritizing the most primitive functions. It explains the different brain functions and impact of grief. The article also talks about recovery and rehab for the brain.

If you are interested in reading the article, many libraries have magazines you can check out for free.

It is nice to read this, because I know grief has changed me. I have been fighting to come back, but at times I was worried that this is the new normal.

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