Robbie and Curly 8/30/20

This is one of my favorite pictures of Robbie and Curly. Robbie had a rough day at MD Anderson, so we stopped by the zoo and they let him spend time with Curly. The next day he was back in the hospital for another week of chemo. Below is a slideshow from my pictures from…

5 Years 8/27/20

5 years ago today, our lives were forever changed. I walked out of my 3rd grade classroom and Robbie left the University of Tulsa to meet me at the doctor. I would have never guessed that we wouldn’t go back, and instead we learned that Robbie had bone cancer. We didn’t have any idea what…

Robbie and Curly 8/23/20

Robbie and his favorite sloth 3 years ago today. We are so thankful to the zoo keepers that take care of Curly for allowing Robbie to visit Curly as often as they could. It helped Robbie through many rough days. Curly could always make him smile. I miss Robbie so much. His humor, his unusual…

Virtual Teaching 8/19/20

We started our school year virtually today. I met with students all day on zoom. I played a scavenger hunt with one group, which they enjoyed. Each slide had items for the kids to find. One slide asked the kids to find something that could be in a closet. One child held a shirt up…

Zoo Pictures 8/17/20

Robbie always enjoyed taking pictures at the zoo. The pictures were taken three years ago today.

Book Store 2017 8/15/20

Robbie and I found a Costa Rica book at the used book store in Houston. We both loved going to book stores together. The shirt he is wearing was the shirt he had on the night we lost him. It is hard to believe that it has been 18 months. ❤

38 Years, 5 states, and 3 Kids Later 8/13/20

Jim and I will be married 38 years this Friday. It doesn’t seem possible. I was a senior in college and he was working in computers. We were married at First English Lutheran Church in Platteville, WI.

Happy Birthday to my Husband 8/8/20

It is my husband’s birthday today. This picture was taken three years ago on his birthday. We were still living in an apartment in Houston. We were all wearing sloth shirts for Robbie. It is also my son in law’s birthday today. It makes it easy to remember.

New Grief Book “Heartbreak to Hope” 8/6/20

I am reading Heartbreak to Hope this week. It was recommended by a friend of mine that does a lot of work as a pastor with people that are grieving. The author lost his son, so the book is a good match for me. I miss Robbie so much. ❤