Grief Blog 6/28/20

I keep thinking that I should stop blogging, especially after Robbie’s last birthday. I need to somehow start moving forward, but honestly, my grief is as great as it was a year ago. I know at some point, I will need to pull the plug on the blog. I am not sure when, so the…

Sloths 6/26/20

Robbie with all of his original sloths. At first we could only find this sloth and it was the one most often sent to him. They are all with other kids now except one that I kept. I love Robbie’s smile. These sloths went on many hospital trips and were well loved.

Rough Week 6/16/20

This is really turning into a difficult week. The closer it gets to Robbie’s birthday, the more upset I become. I have family and friends that have been helping me out with Robbie’s grave, which we are so thankful. I was okay that we couldn’t travel, but then I started falling apart. I know as…

Robbie and Lynn 6/14/20

Robbie and Lynn making Robbie’s birthday cake together in 2004. Seems like yesterday. We must have celebrated it early that year.

16 Months 6/13/20

It has been 16 months. I wish time could heal all wounds. 💔. In this picture, my husband and I had just dropped Robbie off with his sisters in Tulsa while we traveled to Wisconsin to be with family. He was too weak to make the trip, but had a fun week with our girls.

Nature Photography 6/7/20

We visited different parks, so he could have fun with photography and distract him from cancer. I bought a small camera bag for his lenses and he was set to go.

Bookstore Trips 6/1/20

Great memories from 2 years ago. Robbie and I both loved going to the bookstore together. Books and quiet!