Grief Fog 5/27/20

Robbie on the beach in Galveston

I didn’t realize how much my mind is in a fog until I met a few teachers in a zoom meeting a couple weeks ago and couldn’t answer any questions intelligently. Everything asked and I thought about my past five years and how I didn’t have words to describe my experiences. Why am I not able to answer questions on the latest in education and technology is because (gasp) it hasn’t been important. Up until a year ago when we lost Robbie, I was spending all my time at the medical center with him for treatment and appointments, reading medical journals, and doing research on Osteosarcoma. When I wasn’t doing that, I was finding ways to distract Robbie from his cancer by taking him to the Butterfly Center or the Houston zoo or other places that he liked. For the first time in many years, I wasn’t reading or doing anything related to education.

Although I have the time now to become updated in Education and related topics, I doubt education will ever be as important in my life as it was before Robbie got sick. My focus has changed and I am still trying to find the best balance as I move forward. Life is too short to miss any opportunity to be with family. ❤

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