5 years ago today 5/2/20

Lynn and Robbie

Lynn and Robbie on 5/2/15. We didn’t know about Robbie’s cancer yet, but it was already there. It was the day before our 1st trip to Costa Rica for Ruth’s wedding. Robbie just got his hair cut and everyone was excited about the trip. We had the best week. Robbie was a junior in college and worked part time as an intern at Navico and Lynn was working full time at Navico in Tulsa.

Robbie was living with some friends at school. Everyone was healthy and doing well. I was teaching 3rd grade and Jim was working in Oklahoma City. I could picture a day when all three kids would be out of college and working. Robbie already had a job lined up for when he graduated and he only had one semester left.

It was three months later that our world was shattered when we learned of his cancer.

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