Robbie’s Uncle Bruce 2/2/20

Robbie’s Uncle Bruce Larson passed away from cancer on 2/2/98. Robbie loved his Uncle Bruce. ( My sister Chris’s husband) He was a wonderful and kind man. He was a computer programmer, so Robbie would have enjoyed knowing him as an adult.

When we would visit Bruce, Robbie was only 3 and would climb up on his hospital bed and sit on him wanting to play with him. Even though Bruce was very sick, he would still make Robbie smile and play with him. I will never forget at Bruce’s funeral, when Robbie begged me while crying to help his Uncle Bruce. Please mommy…please give Uncle Bruce my pink medicine….please mommy please help Uncle Bruce. Then crying and crying for him.

This was a time when Robbie could say very few words due to constant ear infections and problems hearing. He was very challenging and often sick, so not everyone wanted to spend time with him at family gatherings, but Bruce always played with him. I can picture Bruce crawling around on the living room floor chasing Robbie and hearing Robbie giggle with joy, while yelling out…Uncle Bruce.

Together in heaven. ❤ Both pain free from cancer.

Of course Robbie managed to get in trouble after the funeral at the reception when he got some water on his shirt and then refused to wear his shirt. We didn’t have any extra clothes with us, so my husband had to go shopping for a shirt for him. My dad said to me…he has to wear a shirt and tried to get it back on him, but Robbie kept yelling…it is wet and would take it back off.

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