Drowning in Grief 1/19/20

I’m not sure if it is due to the fact we started a new year without Robbie or because his one year anniversary is coming up, but I’m drowning in grief the past week. It impacts everyone around me. I am wondering if this is my new normal and if so, how do I cope better. I was holding my own for awhile going up and down, but right now I am in a pit and not bouncing back up.

Grief Share was a really helpful group and I just finished my second round of 12 weekly classes/support. I haven’t decided if I will go through it again, since it is the same lessons. Grief counseling was helpful, but the person I was going to left the practice without any warning the beginning of December and I haven’t tried to replace her yet, because starting over sounds so difficult. Reading grief books and the Bible helps. Knowing Robbie is free of pain helps. Many things help, but nothing takes away the sadness of living without him.

Robbie taking pictures at the Oklahoma State Capitol

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  1. Pam Harris says:

    I’m so sorry your counselor left without warning. That stinks! And starting over with a new counselor is so hard, because you have to start at the beginning to tell someone everything (again) to help them know all you’ve been through. If your person left her clients to a particular counselor, you might give that person a try, as hopefully the new person will have a similar counseling style that works for you. I’ve had to “break in” a new counselor before, and it isn’t easy, especially if the first one you try doesn’t work out. But my unasked-for-advice is to keep trying til you can find one you click with. I pray this isn’t your new normal forever. And I pray your support system of husband, daughters, relatives, school friends, (and a new counselor) will help you find a new normal, which is not without grief, but which is one you can live peacefully. ❤️❤️❤️


    1. Thanks Pam. You have been so kind and supportive. <3.
      You have good advice. I should start looking for a new counselor.


  2. an admirer says:

    I continue to pray that one day, a little at a time, the happy memories come more often than the sadness.

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