Happy Thanksgiving 11/28/19

Red Panda at the Tulsa Zoo
Ruth at the Zoo
Lynn out to eat

We are spending time with our girls this week. I visited Ruth at the Tulsa Zoo, where she is the Marketing Design Manager. She gave me a tour of her favorite animals. I went out to supper with Lynn to a restaurant that decorates with hundreds of Christmas bulbs.

We are thankful to all our friends and family for all their support this year. Although we are celebrating Thanksgiving today and enjoying time with our girls, we are all sad without Robbie. ❤ He was a real light in our lives. He had a great sense of humor and was always making us laugh even when he was sick. He supported us all with his strength while being sick. He even made me laugh while crying a couple days before we lost him. He told me…mom if only you had bought me essential oils.

We have many Robbie stories!

Like the time when he was younger, he told a family in church…I guess all your kids have ADHD! She said what?? And he repeated himself. Hahaha. To his credit…he was probably right. 🙂

One year at church camp when he was 7, (earlier the kids had a water balloon fight), so when Robbie saw a high school girl at the dance in the evening, he poked her chest and asked if she had water balloons under her shirt!

Thanksgiving 2017 Robbie picking out a pie

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