My Mother’s 90th Birthday 11/26/19

The Graves Clan 1962

My mom with my sisters around 1953

She loved babies and would even offer to hold strangers babies if they were crying. She also had this keen since about a baby’s health and sent more than one family off to the doctor thinking she was crazy only to find out later that she was right.

Mom holding me along with Tom, Chris, and Terry on the family farm

She was adventurous until her health started to slip. She was sick my entire life with Lupus, arthritis, poor circulation, and very tired.

My mom in Kindergarten about 1934

She went to town school and stayed with her grandmother during the week. Her parents wanted her to have a good education and didn’t want her attending the country school with her brothers.

My mom on a horse

My mom liked horseback riding. She said she gave it up when she became pregnant and never went riding again as far as I know. She told me this multiple times, so I think she really missed it. I am not sure why she didn’t ride again after she was finished having children, unless it was due to her poor health.

My mother and my sister Terry with her mother & grandmother 1949
My mother in the early 30’s. She was born in 1929

If my mother were living, she would be 90 today. She loved family and liked to cook, so for Thanksgiving and Christmas, she made amazing meals and deserts. She would start getting ready a few weeks before making cookies and her famous sweet rolls. I can picture her in the kitchen singing and cooking. She lived in Wisconsin, so she would put food on a table in the garage, if she ran out of space in her refrigerator during the holidays.

When we were older and had our own families, she insisted that we all stay with her, which met kids and adults sleeping in all corners of her house. It was crazy, but she loved it.

She had a lot of sayings that her grandkids called “grandma-isms” which they used to share with each other.

Cousins 1989
Cousins 1994
My mother with Robbie & Lynn on her last Christmas 2014

She passed away on 2/14/15 just a few months before we found out that Robbie was sick with cancer. Four years later, Robbie also passed away in February.

I am hoping all the wonderful memories will help carry us through this very difficult holiday season. Missing my mother and especially missing our sweet boy this year. ❤