Decorating for the Holidays 11/24/19

Ornaments with my dad and Robbie
Little sloth tree from his hospital tree

Yesterday, I decided to put up a few Christmas decorations. I thought about getting new decorations and stockings, because everything makes me think of Robbie, but decided, I am already thinking of him all the time, why get rid of things that have good memories with him.

In my grief group this week, people are hanging loved ones stockings and finding other ways to remember them at the holidays. This inspired me to use the same stockings we have had for years and put up Robbie’s too. He will always be a part of us. Instead of the full sized sloth tree, I used his tree we had at the hospital to make a tiny sloth tree. I can always start fresh next year depending on how we are feeling.

I was decorating, tears, more decorating, tears… So many memories from the holiday season with Robbie, my parents, Jim’s parents….all safely in heaven now. With each person’s passing, the holiday season changes.

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