Running From Grief 10/14/19

The last few months, I have been keeping busy non-stop. Making materials for my students, teaching, paperwork, or work around our house. Basically from the time I wake up until my head hits the pillow at night.

This weekend, I decided to take off because I was exhausted from the schedule I have put myself on the last few months. Our weekly grief group talked about how some people run from grief and I thought…I don’t do that. Well…I guess I was wrong, because taking the weekend off from my current schedule caused me to be hit with a wave of sadness and missing Robbie. I looked at his pictures and photo books. I thought about what he would be doing if he were alive and healthy.

Then I switched to picturing him in heaven….happy and healthy with beauty all around him….without pain. ❤ I believe that God healed him. Not on earth like I had prayed for, but instead took him home and fully restored him. This is what keeps me going.

Pastors the night before we lost him prayed over him and with him. Our sweet boy is safely in the arms of God.

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