One Punch Man 10/27/19

Robbie dressed up as One Punch Man the week of Halloween  2017. Robbie was upset about his hair loss, so our girls told him he would make a great One Punch Man. Robbie had so much fun dressing up at the Zoo, The Butterfly Center, and MD Anderson. People at the zoo were stopping him…

Miss Days Like This 10/23/19

Sometimes pictures pop up in my Google images that take my breath away. Seeing the happy smiles on our children while being silly with sloths is something I miss so much. This picture was taken June 2018 before Robbie started going quickly downhill. The kids had spent a couple days together having fun between treatments….

Hospital Last October 10/18/19

This was a year ago. I spent the night with Robbie at the hospital and of course, we were up all night. I loved spending time with him and he really appreciated when we would spend the night. Then I drove to work, which also happened to be the day, I was being observed for…

Running From Grief 10/14/19

The last few months, I have been keeping busy non-stop. Making materials for my students, teaching, paperwork, or work around our house. Basically from the time I wake up until my head hits the pillow at night. This weekend, I decided to take off because I was exhausted from the schedule I have put myself…

7 Months

7 months since we heard his voice or saw his sweet smile. This picture was taken last October. One topic that was in this week’s grief lesson is trying to find a way to live without the identity of the lost loved one. That is tough because I will always be Robbie’s mom in my…

Tea Party 10/9/19

A year ago today, Ruth set up a tea party with sloths and my Mother’s dishes for Robbie. He loved tea and the little party helped keep his mind off cancer for a fun afternoon. The girls both did a great job distracting Robbie when they came to visit. I miss his sweet smile.

Thinking of Robbie

Ive been thinking of Robbie all weekend. As each new month comes, it is a reminder that Robbie isn’t with us. My daughter Lynn surprised me and is here this weekend with her cute puppy. ❤