Last September

A year ago, Robbie finally got home from the hospital and was surprised with gifts from my special ed team. I miss him so much! Last fall, he started the slow decline that was so hard to see, that at times I would go upstairs to our family room to escape. Then, he would soon slowly follow…breathing heavily to spend time together. <3.

I decided to continue with the grief share group and go through the sessions a second time. We missed the first few weeks last time. A few familiar faces decided to do the same thing. Listening to the speakers in the videos and the other people in the group, makes me realize how normal it is that I find it difficult to function especially the first few months. I am only starting to come out of a very heavy fog. I catch myself getting ready to text him and daily think of things I wish I could share with him.

I was recently asked what I would tell him if I could….I would tell him how very sorry I am that we couldn’t do more to avoid all his suffering and of course how much we love him. I would ask him if he is with his grandparents and if he was surprised that heaven is real. I could practically write a book of all I wish I could ask him and share with him.

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