Robbie’s Siblings 9/7/19

Ruth & Robbie at the Tulsa Zoo
Lynn & Robbie at MD Anderson

For Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, something that isn’t always mentioned is the impact on the child’s siblings. Robbie was very close to his sisters. His last three years before he got sick, he was attending college at the University of Tulsa, which is in the same city as the girls. Anytime he needed something, they would coordinate and one of them would show up and help him or they would take him to eat or to do other fun activities together. One year, Lynn and Robbie even rented a house together.

When Robbie got cancer, the girls were heartbroken and the entire time Robbie was sick, they were actively supporting him. They supported him with text messages, FaceTime, sending packages, and most of all, they came to see him. They spent many nights at the hospital with him. Even though they were sad, they kept everything upbeat and positive around him. They helped him cope with all the pain and treatments he was going through. At the same time, he was supporting them too as a good listener anytime day or night and with his great sense of humor.

Robbie and Lynn
Robbie and Ruth

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