Pooh Bear Wisdom

So true<3. I have had many friends and family that have stood by us and continue to support us. I am so grateful. I am thinking of him all the time. Saying his name doesn’t cause my sadness. Doing life without him causes my sadness.

Everything I do, eventually it will be the first time without him with me. I went to a different grocery store this week and suddenly it hit me that the last time Robbie was with me. I could picture him and remember our conversations. It was near Christmas and the news was also there getting people to tell their joyful stories on camera. We avoided them and joked that we didn’t have any joyful stories to tell. He got too tired and I gave him the car keys, so he could lay down while I checked out.

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  1. Pam Harris says:

    Definitely wisdom from Pooh Bear! And sometimes those friends have never personally experienced a grief so deep that they just don’t know how to be a good friend through it… not always the case, but perhaps sometimes. Hugs! 💙


    1. So true. I appreciate your support ❤


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