Phone Call for Robbie

The dental office just called for Robbie to see why he didn’t come today. 😢 When I told her that he passed away. She said..but it seems like he was just here! How did it happen? We were looking forward to seeing him. He was such a sweet boy!❤️ She couldn’t believe we lost him only a couple weeks after his last appointment. Tears. I did think it was sweet that she remembered so much about him.

I should be dragging him to the dentist today. Not explaining why he isn’t here. I love to talk about Robbie, but it kills me to explain what happened to him and why he is no longer with us. I hate to think about his last few weeks when he was so sick, uncomfortable, and in pain. I like to remember the better days and the days before cancer.

I take a couple steps forward and then a few back. I miss him so much. ❤

  • This quote is from a wonderful children’s book called Love You Forever. It was written by Robert Munsch when he was grieving the loss of both his babies that were stillborn. He said that at first he wrote it as a poem when he was grieving and later he made it into a book. You can google his name and book for more information.
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    1. Pam Harris says:

      Oh that’s so tough when reminder calls like that come out of the blue and you have to explain, yet again… Will be thinking about you as you head back to school. I know your heart isn’t ready to go back. Take care of you! 💙



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