Visiting the Butterfly Center and Marfan Syndrome

I met one of Robbie’s sweet friends at the Butterfly Center yesterday. She is in Houston for the Marfan Syndrome conference. Robbie was really looking forward to attending the conference and seeing his friends this summer. It is amazing how many lives that Robbie has touched. He may have been frequently isolated the past 4 years due to cancer, but he kept in contact with his friends and supported them online. It was good to talk with someone that knew Robbie so well and wasn’t bothered by my tears as we talked about him, since she was also in tears. Another one of Robbie’s sloths has found a home.

If you are interested in finding out more about Marfan syndrome, go to their website. If you are near Houston, their conference starts this evening and you can still sign up. It is the greatest group of people that you will ever meet. We actually thought about still attending to see everyone, but decided it would be too difficult without Robbie. If you missed my earlier posts, Robbie had Marfan Syndrome.

Robbie used to be on their website. ❤

I just checked and there is still a small picture of Robbie on their website on this page half way down.

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