Milwaukee Zoo

While we were in Wisconsin, we stopped at the Milwaukee Zoo. His OT at MD Anderson is from Wisconsin and her family donated to the sloth at the zoo. Robbie’s name is listed among the other animal sponsors in the welcome building. Robbie was only 6 on our last trip to the Milwaukee Zoo. My…

Forever 25

It is Robbie’s Birthday today. We are spending the day with family. I knew this would be a difficult weekend. Much laughter and tears as we share stories with each other. We went back to his grave before leaving Platteville today.

Robbie is with his Grandparents

We laid our sweet boy to rest today next to his grandparents.💔 We are very grateful for our friends and family that were able to join us. 🎗

Flying Robbie Home

We are at the airport getting ready to fly Robbie to WI, so he can be laid to rest by his grandparents. TSA opened our carryon and pulled out Robbie’s box. Then they used special paper and spray to test for traces of explosives. Robbie would have thought it was funny. Tears. ❤

Waiting for a Sign

Someone posted this online and I smiled because I prayed last night that God would give me a sign that Robbie is okay and safely in heaven. I’m struggling with the fact that after all he went through, he was questioning his faith and questioning that God would make him suffer so much and not…

4 Months

It has been 4 months since we lost our sweet boy. I miss him more each day. ❤

Day in Houston at the Zoo and MD Anderson

Jim & I with Curly. We smiled because he moved to be close to us Jim and I visited the zoo to give a book of Robbie & Curly to the zoo keepers. They had Curly all set up for us. They said they have never seen Curly so attached to anyone like he was…