Happy Mother’s Day Weekend

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend. Robbie liked tea, so Ruth set up a tea party using my mother’s dishes and Robbie’s sloths. I love the way my girls supported Robbie and us the entire 4 years that he was sick. I love my children so much. I wish I could be with our girls this weekend.

The day started out great when I found out it was a “rain day” so school was cancelled. I have a lot of paperwork and a couple projects to complete for work, so I had high hopes of getting a lot done. Unfortunately grief doesn’t follow any plan and instead I spent the day very sad and missing Robbie. Spent some time in our Sloth Sanctuary (Robbie’s room) just resting and wishing the year could be different. Sad that life doesn’t always work out the way we plan. A wedding planned that we were looking forward to all year has been cancelled. My husband is very tired due to his cancer and the last couple weeks he has been even more run down. I know there will be better days. I was actually starting to do some things that I enjoy again, but the storms of this year are relentless.

Keep praying ❤

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