Final Arrangements


The people at Lenz Monument in Dubuque are going to make Robbie’s grave marker similar to this computer generated picture, except the sloth will only be a black outline. We are hoping they will have it done before we come this summer, but they wouldn’t guarantee. I couldn’t bring myself to order it sooner. Signing the contract today to complete this project is so sad.

We received the TSA approved container for him for when we travel. TSA won’t allow his wooden box to be carried onto the plane. I expect it to take us extra time going through security in a couple weeks. I didn’t want to risk sending him Fed Ex, which is what TSA suggested.


Robbie’s June 22nd Memorial

If you are able, we would love to have you join us as we say goodbye to our sweet boy. We miss him so much.

Graveside Service

Robbie’s graveside service will be on June 22nd at 11:00 at the Hillside Cemetery in Platteville, WI. My brother Tom is a pastor and will say a short prayer and we are going to play “The Fight Song” by The Piano Guys.

*You can meet us at the cemetery at 11 or at the church at 12.

Memorial Luncheon

Following his burial we are having a luncheon with some of Robbie’s favorite food and birthday cake at First English Lutheran Church in Platteville. We will also have many of his pictures and sloths on display. We will be in the lower level of the church. Feel free to dress in bright colors…Robbie loved color.

Additional Information:

Hillside Cemetery is located on HWY 80 in Platteville. The link below will open a map.

First English Lutheran Church

215 West Pine Street

Platteville, WI


There are 4 hotels in Platteville. Some of our family will be staying in Dubuque. Jim and I are flying into Milwaukee on June 20th.


If you have additional questions, please email or call us.


Link to Robbie’s obituary

Meeting Curly the Sloth

Three years ago, Robbie was given his first behind the scenes tour at the zoo and met Curly for the first time. This started a close relationship between Robbie and the zoo keepers. We didn’t know then what a life savor the zoo would be. We are so grateful to the Houston Zoo.

Butterfly Center May 2018

A year ago today, we were at the Butterfly Center together before Robbie had to go to MD Anderson for his next treatment. Sadly, we wasted precious time on immunotherapy. It didn’t kill the cancer, but knocked out his thyroid function.

He laughed at the picture of the Butterfly on his shoulder and the other one flying by his mouth as I took the picture. I can’t believe it has been a year already. We had so much fun spending time together.

Robbie was truthful, kind, and could always make me laugh. He wanted the people he cared about to be happy.

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend. Robbie liked tea, so Ruth set up a tea party using my mother’s dishes and Robbie’s sloths. I love the way my girls supported Robbie and us the entire 4 years that he was sick. I love my children so much. I wish I could be with our girls this weekend.

The day started out great when I found out it was a “rain day” so school was cancelled. I have a lot of paperwork and a couple projects to complete for work, so I had high hopes of getting a lot done. Unfortunately grief doesn’t follow any plan and instead I spent the day very sad and missing Robbie. Spent some time in our Sloth Sanctuary (Robbie’s room) just resting and wishing the year could be different. Sad that life doesn’t always work out the way we plan. A wedding planned that we were looking forward to all year has been cancelled. My husband is very tired due to his cancer and the last couple weeks he has been even more run down. I know there will be better days. I was actually starting to do some things that I enjoy again, but the storms of this year are relentless.

Keep praying ❤


4 years ago today in Costa Rica for Ruth and Nick’s wedding. Robbie had so much fun.

The girls sent me a bracelet for Mother’s Day that says…forever in my heart..RJM 1993-2019. So sweet<3 Tears

I have the hardest time in the evenings when I am so used to spending time with him.

Keep Swimming

I have read that when people grieve, they go through an angry phase, but I didn’t expect it. When my parents passed away, I was only sad and not angry. With Robbie I am sad and angry. I can switch from being mild Bruce Banner to the Incredible Hulk in seconds. Missing Robbie so much.

Keep Swimming!

At the Hospital with Robbie in October