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Nurses have been in the news lately, so I decided to do a post dedicated to them. ❤

Robbie had many wonderful nurses. They watched over him at night when we couldn’t be there. Built sloth towers on his I V pole with him. One of the doctors would even make up reasons to move him to his favorite floor and nurses if he landed in a remote location of the hospital.

In fact the night before we lost him, he was moved to the Palliative Care unit and Robbie assumed he had been moved to have a better room. He thanked them, which was one of the last things he said. A few came and found us when they heard of his loss, shed tears with us, and said good bye to Robbie. We are very grateful to the entire hospital staff. The nurses, therapists, PA’s, volunteers, and his Doctors.

A nurse making a sloth IV tower together
PT working on his leg
PT taking him outside for the first time in almost three weeks
Putting the strong chemo bag onto the IV cart
Dr Linn. His orthopedic surgeon for his leg
Dr Ratan. His main Dr at MD Anderson
Robbie with the Singing Doctor that sang to Robbie before and after surgery
Robbie dressed up for Halloween
Robbie donating sloths

Robbie and his OT on his 24th Birthday. She bought him balloons and treats. Met him outside of work for ice-cream and was always very encouraging to him.

Robbie with a therapy dog. His owner supported Robbie through out his entire illness and even brought the dog to our house. Now they are both angels.

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  1. Pam Harris says:

    I love this post dedicated to nurses and other hospital staff. As a volunteer pet therapy team, Molly and I have become friends with many nurses, OTs, PTs, and doctors. So many of them care deeply for their patients, especially the ones they see on a regular basis. They share our joy, and they share our sorrow. And I’m sure they loved your sweet, kind Robbie! ❤️


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