Rough Day

I had a rough day today. I miss Robbie so much. I really wanted to leave work today by 9AM. I thought about getting a sub. I was so overcome with emotions thinking of Robbie. Work was also very difficult today.

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  1. admirer says:

    I am so sorry you had such a difficult and sad day. I can not imagine how hard it is. It amazes me you can get one foot in front of another. If some days you can’t, it is not surprising.
    I continue to pray for you and your family.


    1. I really appreciate your support. ❤


  2. Melissa Cannistraro says:

    Can I just admit that, even though I am so far away, I miss him very much as well. Each time I see his picture, I am reminded of how much I miss his sweet smiles, and beautiful being. I am also reminded of you, Cindy. Robbie’s amazing mom, who shared so much with us strangers on the internet, which truly made such an incredible difference in our lives. Cindy, please know you are not alone in your loss. He was an incredible young man, he was loved by many and should be missed…..XOX.

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    1. Melissa..I really appreciate all your support and kindness. <3.

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