One thing I haven’t been able to part with is his sloth collection. Each one has a special memory. I only plan to keep a few, but for now, his closet is full of sloths.

My siblings that are visiting helped to clean his room and turn it into a guest room. They moved out the hospital bed, which I plan to sell. We gave most of his clothes to friends. I kept a couple of his sloth shirts.

We haven’t made a decision on how long we will live in Houston. Part of me wants to run far away, but I know it won’t ease my pain.

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  1. Pam Harris says:

    I have no words of wisdom, as I know no words can help. So sending a hug and a prayer for you today and letting you know that your family continues to be in my prayers and on my heart…


  2. I can’t imagine how difficult this is. My tears still flow for you.
    Be careful opening that closet! I don’t know how you even managed to close it. Although, I think Robbie would get a good chuckle at seeing the cascade of sloths smothering you.


  3. admirer says:

    Praying for you to be comforted one day, one hour at a time.


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