Updates 2/11/19

He had the lung tube inserted today. He also has an infection in his lungs. He is weak and upset. We are keeping one person at a time with him around the clock.

The sarcoma team spoke with me today, which was a heartbreaking conversation. I was told that this will probably be as good as he gets. Most likely he will decline to being asleep all the time. We can only switch to taking him home if he can be on lower oxygen. He has cancer is throughout his body. He will be moved to the palliative care unit at MD Anderson.

They have him hooked up to a variety of monitors and he hates all the cords on him. He is having a lot of panic attacks with breathing.

Our girls changed their flights and are staying in Houston. Their significant others are coming down later this week. My sister Terry also changed her flight and is staying.

Today we are seeing Jim’s cancer doctors too.

Keep praying ❤

20 thoughts on “Updates 2/11/19

  1. Hi, so the florist called me saying she couldn’t find the address. Robbie gave me this address:
    23622 Messina Harbor Dr
    Katy, TX 77493
    United States

    Is this correct? Please let me know so I can tell her. Sorry to bother you with this; I just want to make sure Robbie gets his gifts.


  2. How we wish things could be different. I can only imagine how gut-wrenching this has been. I’m so glad you all can be together–there’s nothing like family. Just know that we are all thinking of all of you, and praying for Robbie, Jim and you–


  3. We are so very sorry that this is happening. Holding you all in our constant prayers. We love Robbie and your family. At a complete loss of anything else to say.


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