Hospital Updates 2/10/19

Robbie continues to be very weak and breathing heavily. They gave him blood last night and plan to give him three more bags today. He is very uncomfortable with only one lung working right now. They plan to put the tube into his lung tomorrow morning when they have their surgery team together. I was really hoping they would today. They didn’t let him eat incase they needed to have an emergency surgery. Finally, they are letting him eat today, but he can only handle liquids, anything else makes him choke and he can’t breathe. It is heartbreaking to see him struggle and be so weak that even standing is too much for him.

The girls are both here from Tulsa. Lynn flew in a couple days ago and Ruth arrived this morning. He has a friend that drove from Tulsa, but unfortunately Robbie is too weak for company right now.

I spent the night with him and he was able to sleep, but was talking in his sleep, which he never does. A few times I asked what he needed and then realized he was sleeping. He has received pain killers as needed.

We appreciate everyone’s support. ❤

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  1. V’Annie Woolery says:

    I’m praying for you and your family. That is such a sweet photo. ♥️


  2. Sharon Buss says:

    So very sorry Cindy. Continued prayers for strength, comfort and peace.


  3. Our hearts break with yours. Praying for you all. Thanks for the updates.


  4. Anna Macke says:

    So sorry to hear about everything. I was a friend of Robbie’s from TU, and I sent him some stuff for Valentine’s Day. However, I sent it to the house instead of the hospital, so I just wanted to let you know to be expecting a package on Wednesday, then flowers and chocolates on the actual day. I hope Robbie will be feeling well enough to eat the chocolates come then.


  5. January says:

    Great photo! So much love in their eyes 🥰

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