Boxing Up Sloths 2/27/19

I boxed up several of Robbie’s sloths today to mail them to my great nieces and nephews. I still have some that I kept and a few to find homes for yet. They each have a story and he loved receiving them. I finally guessed the correct password for his computer, so I don’t have…

Bringing Robbie Home 2/26/19

We brought Robbie home today in his urn. I set up a place on the shelves for him until we bury him this summer. Tears ❤

Returning to MD Anderson 2/25/19

Back to Houston and MD Anderson for Jim today. I would rather be anywhere else! Tears returning to MDA, but for now I stayed away from the sarcoma floors. I do plan to visit them and thank them in person for the outstanding care they gave Robbie.

Mammoth Dig

We went to Waco Mammoth National Monument today and saw real mammoth bones still in the ground. It was very interesting. The museum was selling various items from that time period including several adorable sloths. It made me so sad that we missed taking Robbie there. He would have loved it.

Escape the House

Jim and I decided to leave our house for the weekend. It sounded like a good plan, but it doesn’t matter where we go, I see Robbie everywhere. We ate at Panera and I remembered the last time, he was taking pictures and using Snapchat with his sisters. Went to Marshall’s and saw sloths. We…


One thing I haven’t been able to part with is his sloth collection. Each one has a special memory. I only plan to keep a few, but for now, his closet is full of sloths. My siblings that are visiting helped to clean his room and turn it into a guest room. They moved out…

Visiting Some of Robbie’s Favorite Places

My sister Terry and my brother Tom along with his wife Paula went to a couple of Robbie’s favorite places today. We visited The Houston Museum of Natural Science and went to the Butterfly Center and to see the rocks and gems. Then we went to Barnaby’s for lunch. Ruth and Nick went to see…

Robbie’s Celebration of Life

We are very grateful for all our friends and family that came to “Robbie’s Celebration of Life”or sent us messages last night. ❤️🎗 The room was filled with his sloths, his photos, and pictures he took. 💔 🦋 My great nephew asked his dad (a pilot) if he could fly up to heaven and check…

Marfan Syndrome 2/17/19

Robbie had Marfan Syndrome and was looking forward to attending the National Marfan Foundation conference in Houston this summer and had many Marfan friends. A sweet friend of mine has started a fundraiser on Facebook for the National Marfan Foundation in Robbie’s honor. Here is a link to her page.