Rash! 12/28/18

One of the side effects of the new chemo is a hand and foot rash. Instead Robbie is covered from head to toe with a rash.

We have moved our family pictures three times this week, since Robbie has been sick. Today is the last day we can do pictures and he looks terrible. The girls leave in the morning and we don’t plan to all be together again until Lynn’s wedding in March. Trying to coordinate bringing the girls back, a photographer, and Robbie being well enough for pictures on the same weekend isn’t very promising.

I am thankful for our time together as a family this week. I pictured the week to be much different, but cancer made new plans for us. Our family Christmas dinner on Grandma’s China was replaced by a meal at MD Anderson on paper plates. Making cut out sugar cookies were replaced by Oreos. Although we got a few smiles from Robbie when we opened gifts, most of the time he was feeling sick and lying down near us.

His best Christmas was really a couple weeks ago when one of Jim’s coworkers sent him a box of sloth related gifts all wrapped in sloth Christmas paper. He was so happy and had so much fun opening each gift.

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