Better Day 12/30/18

Robbie with his new sloth today. He is having a much better day. His rash has really faded and he was feeling better today. He has been very weak and sleeping almost around the clock, back pain, and just feeling very off. He has also been coughing a lot due to the fluid in his…

The Girls left for Tulsa 12/29/18

Ruth and Lynn left for Tulsa. They took a picture with Robbie before they left. I am thankful they were able to spend a week with us. Robbie’s face has cleared up, but he is still covered in a rash and sleeping a lot. Today he will take his chemo drugs again to see if…

Back at the ER at MD Anderson 12/28/18

We are back at MD Anderson ER. The sarcoma center asked us to bring him in because of his rash. He is not happy to be back. I told him it was as extreme measures to cancel family pictures. They are pumping him full of fluids. Great nurses as usual. They have been chatting a…

Rash! 12/28/18

One of the side effects of the new chemo is a hand and foot rash. Instead Robbie is covered from head to toe with a rash. We have moved our family pictures three times this week, since Robbie has been sick. Today is the last day we can do pictures and he looks terrible. The…

Home! 12/26/18

Robbie is home. His Dr said they normally would keep him longer because of his fever, but with it being Christmas week, he decided to send him home. If he isn’t better by Friday, he might have to come back into the hospital. He has multiple meds to take between his chemo meds and antibiotics….

Merry Christmas from MDA 12/25/18

Robbie’s little tree and Robbie sleeping Many Volunteers serving a Christmas meal Ruth by one of the trees on Robbie’s floor Although we didn’t plan on spending Christmas at MD Anderson, Robbie is getting excellent care while he fights an infection. The volunteers served Christmas dinner to the families and patients in the hospital today….

Ruth Decorated Robbie’s Room 12/24/18

Ruth decorated his hospital room with Christmas lights and a little tree along with a few sloths. He might have to stay 4 days. We will find out tomorrow.

Back in the Hospital 12/24/18

We brought Robbie to the ER at MD Anderson this morning and they have admitted him. He has a fever and low phosphorus. He is being treated with IV antibiotics. They ran blood tests and took a lung X-ray. They will decide tomorrow if he needs to stay longer or can continue with treatment at…

Happy Holidays 12/23/18

We celebrated Christmas tonight. Robbie received a couple new sloths and an electric blanket. Jim’s sister Peggy is visiting from Wisconsin. Robbie has been under the weather today. The new chemo drug makes him very tired and upsets his stomach.

Thoughtful Friends and Family 12/20/17

Favorite Sloth Candy Robbie received sweet gifts in the mail this week. Thank you for thinking of him and for the smiles you gave him. The new chemo drug is making him very tired, so he has been resting a lot.