MD Anderson Updates for Robbie and Jim 11/26/18

Long wait today!


The PET scan results show the cancer is enlarging and spreading in his lungs😢. There is less fluid in his lungs.

Lung scans. Left-October, Right-Today

The Dr is going to stop the harsh chemo and switch to a new treatment. Strong oral chemo pills called regorafenib. It is a new drug and not yet FDA approved for osteosarcoma. Very expensive…16-18 thousand per month supply. We are waiting on insurance approval. He will have scans in six weeks to see if it is working. If not, they can look at the same chemo again or clinical trials. His Doctor recently attended a sarcoma conference, where he heard about the drug he is going to use for Robbie.

The guys Escaping MDA


His tonsils lit up less, so no tonsillectomy. Yay!!

His type of leukemia isn’t usually helped by chemo, so he will be on pills called Ibrutinib. He will be on other meds for the side effects. If he tolerates the treatment, then he will be on it the rest of his life, unless something else is found. It has a good success rate for people that tolerate it and don’t have severe side effects. The drug is new from the last two years for this cancer, so he is getting the latest treatment.

I am so thankful that he doesn’t need his tonsils out…at least for now. I am also thankful for the excellent medical care the guys receive at MDA.

I am praying that we will have a break from the hospital and the new drugs help. ❤

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