Sunday at MDA 11/11/18

Robbie finished chemo yesterday and got a blood transfusion over night. This meant that they had to check on him and get his vitals every hour all night long. He was so heavily drugged that he doesn’t even remember. I felt like I stayed at the museum from the movie… Night at The Museum. He slept most of the day yesterday, but has more energy after the transfusion. They gave him two bags of blood. Now he has to stay in the hospital for his kidneys again.

I really like the doctor that does the rounds on the sarcoma floor. She is older and full of energy. Robbie had a crummy older room in a remote part of the hospital on his 1st day. She called the people in charge of rooms and told them she had an aspergers patient that couldn’t handle being in a new location with different staff and got him moved back by her and in a much better room. I love that she watches out for him.

The cafe at MD Anderson is basically shut down on the weekend, with just a few choices left. I hear this lady yell across the cafe to her family…three times no less….Get anything you want and I will pay for it. ….anything! I wonder…did her family members think…wow..I will buy the $3 dollar sandwich instead of the $2 dollar one, since she is buying?? Haha.

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