Updates on Jim

Lynn and Jim at MD Anderson

Lynn went with Jim to the Dr today. Jim is in stage 3 Leukemia called CLL. He will need either chemo, then chemo pills or just the chemo pills depending on the tests they ran today. He has to have a biopsy on his tonsils because they also lit up to see if they have cancer too. If his tonsils are okay, then he can be managed with the chemo pills, so more waiting to know the next steps.

Robbie continues with chemo in the hospital. Lynn is with him tonight.

Needless to say it has been a long day. I thought I would be okay to go to work today, but I should have gone with Jim. I spent the day worried about him and Robbie. Then I got bit by one of my students on my upper arm, which was very painful. At that point, I fell apart and shed a few tears for the day.

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  1. Kay Austin says:

    Cindy my heart aches for you and your family I will keep praying but I wish I could do more you know We love you Kay and Steve


    1. Thank you Kay. Love you❤️


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