MD Anderson Updates 11/5/18

Lynn and Robbie
Lynn carrying Robbie at Hermann Park

Robbie had a friend visit from Tulsa this weekend, which was very sweet.

We took Robbie to Dr Ratan today. The Dr wanted to start the next round of chemo today, so last I checked Robbie is still waiting for a room.

We didn’t learn anything new. He has some tumors that are smaller and others are still growing. The fluid is 1/2 way in his lung instead of 3/4 full. The dr is going to continue to treat Robbie with chemo, since Robbie feels better even with the mixed results.

We asked about travel at Thanksgiving and he said it will depend on Robbie’s breathing and his white blood count.

We asked about lung surgery for the largest tumor that keeps growing and were told it is currently too risky because he would need to be off treatment too long.

Keep Praying ❤

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