Sweet Gifts 10/27/18

Robbie and I received a sweet gift from a former student. Every year I have a few students that I become very attached. She was with a wonderful group. I looked at their pictures today as I took down the website I had for them. I taught regular ed 3rd grade for three years. It was so much fun! The last day we made a paper red carpet and they walked on it to receive their awards. They laughed so hard as they tried to act like they were winning a Grammy. Haha

Robbie relaxed on our back porch most of the day. He is very tired from chemo and sleeps a lot. His red blood count is very low right now. He wants to go to Houston tomorrow to do something, so we will see if he has the energy. I took today off and did very little. It was great to catch up on sleep and relax.

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