Stormy Weather 10/31/18

We have strong storms tonight and a tornado warning earlier, so no trick or treaters tonight. Robbie continues to rest from chemo. With the one lung doing better, he is breathing better and coughing less. I wish both lungs were being impacted by the chemo. He goes to a pulmonary specialist tomorrow. He also has…

Relaxing Day 10/30/18

The picture is from a year ago at the zoo as one punch man. This year he is relaxing and recovering from the last round of chemo.

Yummy Supper 10/28/18

Robbie is enjoying a yummy supper thanks to a friend at work that stopped by to see us this afternoon. Such a kind family. Food and prayers…just what we needed to start our week.

Sweet Gifts 10/27/18

Robbie and I received a sweet gift from a former student. Every year I have a few students that I become very attached. She was with a wonderful group. I looked at their pictures today as I took down the website I had for them. I taught regular ed 3rd grade for three years. It…

Relaxing Outside 10/26/18

Robbie is enjoying the nice weather out on our porch this evening along with his computer and sloths. Thank you for all your prayers and support.

Enjoying Being Home 10/25/18

Robbie is happy to be home. He is sleeping a lot after being at the hospital so long. His next big appointment is November 5th and for Jim it is November 7th.

Robbie is Home! 10/24/18

Robbie came home from the hospital this afternoon! Jim picked him up. We are so thankful! I finally went to see a counselor. She said she would talk with me to see if I need counseling. She just found out she is moving, so now I need to find someone else.

Kidney Numbers Keep Going Up 10/23/18

Robbie’s numbers are going up for his kidneys instead of down, so he continues to be in the hospital. It is unfortunate that it is also such a busy week for me, so I couldn’t visit him again tonight. He sent me a picture for the blog with his nurse. Jim went up tonight to…

One week at MDA 10/22/18

Robbie sent this picture to me today. He is getting bored at MDA and tired of being stuck in the hospital for his kidneys. The staff are all great to him. Jim went tonight to visit him. Jim is trying to get as much work done as possible due to missed days and I am…

Still Stuck in the Hospital 10/21/18

Robbie has to continue to stay in the hospital due to his kidneys. He was told there are several other people in the hospital for the same reason because the chemo is so strong. They are giving him tons of fluids and mega doses of sodium bicarbonate. The syringes are the size my dad used…