Hospital Update 9/3/18

I stayed last night with Robbie. The nursing staff are very nice and friendly. It felt like grand central station last night. At least every two hours one or two nurses came by. IV bag changes, vitals, weight at 1:30AM, bloodwork an hr later, blood oxygen checks…which are slightly below normal, and other misc visits. They take good care of him. No wonder he naps during the day. The staff are enjoying his growing collection of sloths in the room as we bring more from his bedroom each time we come to see him.

The doctor on call just stopped through. She is older and Robbie said…I think she is retired, but I like how spunky she is. Haha Everything is going okay with the chemo except it is starting to impact his kidneys, so they increased his fluids and told him he might be in the hospital an additional day or more after he is done with chemo depending on how his kidneys are doing. This drug can also cause confusion and hallucinations, so they are watching him for that too.

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