Pizza Time 9/30/18

Robbie wanted pizza tonight, so we picked up pizza to go. He has been sleepy and coughing today.

Robbie is home! 9/28/18

I work with an amazing Special Ed team that adopted two sloths at the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica for Robbie and gave him two new adorable sloths. They are putting up with a broken hearted mother that cries often, instead of the teacher they hoped I would be. Still no news on Jim’s test.

Another Day at MDA 9/26/18

Lynn spent another day with Robbie. He looks a little pale tonight and is coughing again. He had another blood transfusion in the night. He is done with chemo this round, but they are waiting on his kidneys to be back to normal before he can go home Jim and I went to see him…

Tuesday 9/25/18

Lynn just sent this picture to me. She got pizza for Robbie for supper. He needed a blood transfusion for very low red blood counts today, but is feeling better tonight. Lynn is spending the night with him. Jim had his biopsy today. We aren’t sure when we will get results. The nurses made his…

Hospital Day 5 September 24, 2018

This picture of Robbie and Jim is from May 2015, which was just a couple months before we found out that Robbie has bone cancer. Tomorrow Jim has a biopsy. Praying that he isn’t sick too. Robbie continues to receive chemo treatments this week in the hospital at MD Anderson. His kidneys are being impacted…

Sunday Hospital 9/23/18

Lynn spent the day at the hospital with Robbie and Jim is spending the night. I worked on paperwork for school most of the day after church. Today would be my father’s 92nd birthday. I miss him so much.

Day 3 at MDA 9/22/18

Brian and Sarah and kids came to visit Robbie and they played Pirate Life. Nora liked Snapchat with Lynn. Robbie’s red blood count is low, so they are checking him again soon and he may need a blood transfusion.

Siblings 9/22/18

Lynn flew in late last night and will work remotely for a week and help out with Robbie at the hospital. Ruth is flying down in a couple weeks to help out with Robbie. I love how the girls are helping out with their younger brother. This picture makes me smile. I told them I…

Updates, Zoo Pics, & Chemo

Robbie spent the morning at MD Anderson. Although he didn’t have the major scans today, they did xray his lungs. The xray is showing slightly more fluid in his lungs and more cancer activity in a couple areas than the most recent xray done in the hospital. X-rays are not as accurate, so I’m praying…