Siblings 9/22/18

Iowa August 2004 Moving Day

Lynn flew in late last night and will work remotely for a week and help out with Robbie at the hospital. Ruth is flying down in a couple weeks to help out with Robbie. I love how the girls are helping out with their younger brother.

This picture makes me smile. I told them I wanted to take their picture before we left Iowa for our move to Oklahma. When I came outside they were all wearing my sunglasses.

Updates, Zoo Pics, & Chemo

Robbie spent the morning at MD Anderson. Although he didn’t have the major scans today, they did xray his lungs. The xray is showing slightly more fluid in his lungs and more cancer activity in a couple areas than the most recent xray done in the hospital. X-rays are not as accurate, so I’m praying the next scans will show improvement.

Today an older couple started talking to him and then they said…..We will add you to our prayer list. Robbie said…you are going to have a long prayer list if you talk with many people here today. Ha

Then we went to the Houston Zoo. He got to go behind the scenes to feed Curly again. They are so good to him.

Now, we are back to MD Anderson and he has been admitted to their hospital for chemo.

New Sloth Blanket 9/16/18

I finished a sloth blanket for Robbie’s bed. He continues to relax after a hectic few weeks. He is still coughing.

My husband Jim has been having some health issues and more tests this week. Praying it is something ordinary. We are all worried. I’m not sure how much more we can take.

This has set off my panic attacks, which haven’t been a problem for years. I tried shopping for clothes for work yesterday and was ready to get in the checkout line, when my heart started racing and I felt faint and sick. I knew I was fine, but I left everything at the store and drove home.

Friday 9/14/18

Robbie has enjoyed being home this week. He has been relaxing and playing on his computer. His bloodwork finally came back okay for his kidneys. He has been following the doctors orders and drinking a lot each day. Next Thursday he will have tests and scans and then go into the hospital for the next round.

Still Stuck in The Hospital 9/9/18

We escaped the room and Robbie just ordered a gyro from uber eats and is happy to have something not prepared in the hospital. It was a bit exhausting by the time the food came and we walked back to his room.

He got a couple more cards which he enjoys. Thank you!

Praying he can come home soon. We aren’t able to spend the night today. We try to be here all the time with him. Lynn is driving back to Tulsa today. We are going to miss the girls helping us.

Saturday at MDA 9/8/18

The interesting things you can see wondering the halls at MDA. The hall of IV carts. Robbie was still not released from the hospital. He doesn’t feel good and he is understandably unhappy. He is breathing heavily when he walks. We went exploring to a different area of the hospital because he has to have shots in his stomach if he doesn’t go walking to avoid blood clots. He is running a fever.

Playing “Cards Against Humanity” with Lynn, nephew Brian, and Robbie this afternoon . It is a hilarious adult card game.

Hospital Day 8

Robbie got some cute cards in the mail this week. He continues to have effects from the latest chemo treatments. His blood counts and kidneys need to improve before he can go home. He is running a fever today, so that could mean the blood counts are dropping more, which is typical after strong chemo. Current estimate is Monday, but we hope he can come home sooner. He is tired of being in the hospital! Keep praying that he can go home soon.

Jim stayed with him last night and Lynn was there during the day. I’m at the hospital tonight. Robbie’s sloth army is here too.