3 Years 8/27/18

3 Years ago today, Robbie came home from college for the evening for a quick doctor visit. Then he planned to drive back to Tulsa. I left work after school and I planned to attend the 3rd grade meet the teacher program in the evening.

We had already taken him to an orthopedic specialist a few weeks earlier and were told not to worry, so this was a 2nd opinion on his leg. He was limping and the X-ray showed a large lump on his knee. Although I was concerned, I expected something fixable…like a break.

The main doctor was booked, so we met with his PA. He walked into our exam room early…Jim was still making his way there to meet us. He turned on a large X-ray on the screen and at the same time he was talking on his cell phone…he paused long enough to say he thinks our son has cancer and he was making an appointment for us with the cancer specialist. Then Jim arrived in the room and I quickly updated him. The dr asked if we had any questions and we said nothing…we were all in shock. On September 1st Robbie had a biopsy, which confirmed Osteosarcoma. (aggressive bone cancer)

Tonight Robbie and I are at MD Anderson, so he can get a CT scan of his chest to try to determine why he isn’t getting over pneumonia. I’m so tired I could fall asleep in the waiting room.

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  1. Frank N. says:

    You guys are in my prayers. Tell Robbie I said hello.


    1. Thank you. I will tell him.


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