Robbie has Pneumonia 8/16/18

Jim spent the day at the ER at MD Anderson with Robbie. They thought they would have to admit him, but after spending the day running tests, they decided to sent him home with meds. He has been running a fever, cough, and has been sleeping a lot.

It was hard to be at work today.

Matching Scars 8/8/18

Robbie will get a matching scar next month when he has lung surgery again. I always have a hard time when I know he is going to have surgery. I hate to see him suffer and we know this isn’t a cure. The lung doctor is outstanding and I have confidence in his skills. I just need time to process the change in plans. He was in the hospital 3 or 4 days when he had surgery in December. I will take off two days and then we will have a weekend. Jim works from home, so he will be with him as he recovers. I wish I could be there too.

MD Anderson Update 8/7/18

Saw this sloth at Target.

Jim took Robbie to MD Anderson for multiple tests today. He also met with Robbie’s lung doctor. He will have lung surgery on September 6th. He will remove all the tumors in his lung. The tumors will be used by the clinical trial team. It will be a lot to go through and the recovery will take a few weeks. He had the same surgery on his other lung a few months ago.

Day at MDA 8/1/18

We spent most of the day at MD Anderson today. We talked with a few people about the clinical trial and got opinions on what to do. Robbie decided to do it even though it will be very intense with a lot of procedures, doctor visits, hospital time, along with heavy treatments. All this with no guarantee of success.

The study is only allowing 10 osteosarcoma patients along with melanoma, and cervical cancer patients. Melanoma has had about 30-40% success rate. They are hoping it will help osteosarcoma, but there is no way to know.

I pass the baton to Jim. He will have to take over appointments. Today was an optional training day at my new job, so I spent the day with Robbie. Tomorrow the rat race begins. I’m still in denial and that I’m returning to work.