MD Anderson Updates 7/30/18

Although the growth of his tumors slowed down with his current daily chemo, the tumors are still growing . The largest tumor in his lungs is about two inches. No new tumors this time. Dr Ratan has three different treatment options and he said all options have pros and cons. We are waiting to hear about a clinical trial called TIL. He will have to have multiple tests to see if he qualifies.

Meanwhile he has to go off his current chemo drugs because the clinical trial needs him free of medicine. We plan to talk with the clinical trial nurse tomorrow to learn more about the study. We are looking at this over the other chemo treatment because once that chemo is used, his bone marrow will probably be too damaged to try anything else, so our thought is to try the clinical trial first.

We feel mixed on his appointment today. We were hoping he could stay on the current chemo drug longer before changing treatment. It is also hard to see the choices for treatment less each time. We were thankful that the tumor growth slowed down and there weren’t more tumors this time. Robbie is exhausted from his day. We are also thankful for Dr Ratan. He gives Robbie as much time as he wants and takes an interest in his photography and adventures outside of MD Anderson.

Thank you for your support. ❤

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Pam says:

    Hugs and prayers…. ❤️


    1. ❤️Thank you Pam


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