Clinical Trial Decision 7/31/18

The picture is only an example and not the same trial. We are having a difficult time deciding on the clinical trial. We learned more information today and it would involve more than one hospital stay, including one for at least three weeks. They would have to bring his body down to very low blood…

MD Anderson Updates 7/30/18

Although the growth of his tumors slowed down with his current daily chemo, the tumors are still growing . The largest tumor in his lungs is about two inches. No new tumors this time. Dr Ratan has three different treatment options and he said all options have pros and cons. We are waiting to hear…

Keep Praying 7/27/18

Today Robbie has a full body scan and results on Monday. Pray for good results. It scares us each time and this time is especially difficult. Thank you for always supporting him ❤

Pizza and Cookies 7/21/18

Robbie was hungry for pizza and cookies tonight, so we picked up pizza at Papa Murphys. He slept a lot today after having a few fun days with his friend from college.

Museum and Company 7/19/18

I took Robbie to Houston’s Natural Science Museum and Butterfly Center today. His friend is here for a few days. They went to the University of Tulsa together. The boys had fun exploring the museum. We noticed a giant sloth in the dinosaur area today, that we have missed in all our trips. He also…

Amazing Illustration for Robbie 7/16/18

Ruth’s friend Blake made this awesome Illustration for Robbie. It is a picture of Robbie with his leg brace and sloth as an anime character. Blake did a great job and Robbie really likes the picture! Along with his love of sloths, he enjoys watching anime.

Dallas Art Museum 7/14/18

In the afternoon, Ruth, Nick, and I took Robbie to the Dallas Art Museum. It is a great museum. I’d like to go back sometime and see the areas that we missed. We also drove by the famous grassy knoll, but we didn’t have time to stop at the Kennedy museum. It has been a…

Cute Sloth at the Dallas World Aquarium 7/14/18

We took Robbie to the Dallas World Aquarium today. His favorite place was by the sloth. The sloth is from the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica. This is the reason we took the mini trip to Dallas. Ruth and Nick drove down from Tulsa yesterday and went with us to the aquarium.

Dallas 7/13/18

Arm span more than 6 feet We took Robbie to Dallas this weekend. Robbie and I used Uber to go to a couple different museums and pick up groceries today. Robbie took several pictures. Jim worked all day at the condo we rented off Airbnb. Perk of working remotely, which allowed us to travel. The…