Dallas Aquarium 6/21/18

Lynn and Robbie stopped at the Dallas Aquarium on their way back to Houston. The sloths at the Dallas Aquarium are from the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica. They got back to Houston last night. Robbie started two chemo pills a day today and he will see Dr Ratan this afternoon. This weekend Robbie turns…

Robbie’s Week 6/20/18

Robbie had a wonderful week in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He got to spend time with his friends and his sisters. We are very grateful to the Tulsa Zoo for allowing him to have a special day there with multiple behind the scenes tours with various animals including their sloth. Something he won’t forget. I’m not able…

Weekend Update 6/17/18

Robbie has been having fun with his sisters the last few days in Tulsa. I’ll update with more pictures and stories when we pick him up in a couple days. Jim and I went to my nephew John’s wedding and enjoyed time with my family. John is the same age as Robbie. It was a…

Enjoying Sister Time 6/14/18

Robbie is happy to see his sisters! I missed getting Ruth’s picture, but here is Lynn and Robbie. They have lots of plans for the next few days. Jim and I will leave this morning for Wisconsin.

On Our Way to Tulsa 6/13/18

We are on our way to Tulsa to see Robbie’s sisters. We haven’t been to Oklahoma since we sold our house last October.

Robbie on his New Chemo 6/11/18

Robbie is getting along well with only 1 chemo pill each day. I dread when he is up to taking 4 a day. I’ve read some crazy stories online and of course we all know that reading about medical on Google is a bad idea! This drug will turn his hair white eventually and hopefully…

Sloths Everywhere 6/8/18

Robbie and I went to the bookstore today and saw sloths everywhere! We took pictures for fun and then looked at books. He started the new chemo drug today.

MDA and Zoo 6/7/18

We started the day at the Kolache Shoppe in Houston. Robbie loves going there and often gets the sausage, cheese, and jalapeño pepper Kolache. Next a full day of tests at MD Anderson. He had bloodwork twice because the first person missed a few things. Also tests on his heart function. Then we went for…

Can we go back to the Play-doh Years? 6/5/18

Lets go back to the Play-doh years when our greatest concern was dealing with crazy sensory issues. Robbie’s latest scans finally showed up in his online medical records, so we could read them. Lynn wrote ….at least they said his pancreas is unremarkable. Other than the original diagnosis, this is the hardest fight yet. I’m…

The Sound of Music 6/3/18

We took Robbie and his friend to see “The Sound of Music” at the Jones Hall in Houston this afternoon. It is my favorite musical and it is always nice to see a live production. The orchestra did a great job and the lead singers were excellent.