Robbie’s Week 6/20/18

Tulsa Zoo

Robbie had a wonderful week in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He got to spend time with his friends and his sisters.

We are very grateful to the Tulsa Zoo for allowing him to have a special day there with multiple behind the scenes tours with various animals including their sloth. Something he won’t forget. I’m not able to post the adorable pictures because they aren’t tours offered to the public. Ruth arranged a wonderful day for him. The zoo also allowed Ruth to use a golf cart to take him around the zoo and they gave Robbie VIP treatment at the annual zoo event for donors.

Robbie and Ruth

When I first saw Robbie after being apart for a few days, I thought…why is he limping… until my brain switched on and cancer filled the space again. He looked so much like himself again and doing typical things that for a brief few seconds life was almost normal. Dr appointments start back up tomorrow.

Jim and I got back to Houston last night. Lynn and Robbie will arrive sometime today.

Robbie and Lynn

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